A Hobo's Guide to Last Chance


Many of the world's famous literary fiction characters populate magical, make-believe municipalities: Brigadoon, Lorna Doone, Shangri-La, Gotham City, Metropolis, Las Vegas, and now, Last Chance. The town-hamlet-village of Last Chance can't be found on any road sign or map, but is no less real than any other made up destination.

Last Chance's citizens are partial to plain speech, although a few standouts tend to be freewheeling or puffy in their circumlocution. The local government is hopelessly yet lovably corrupt; babies are born with a plastic spoon in their mouth; folks mostly don't know whether they're coming or going (because they never drag their boots off the porch); butter is preferred by a ten to one margin over margarine except to grease truck wheel bearings.

Last Chance is a friendly place and intends to stay that way, which is what the local constabulary explains to hobos, drifters, grifters, vagabonds, and other transients while escorting them to the outskirts.  


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