"[Michael Grant Smith is] the funniest, most imaginative corrupt imperialist swine whose works I've ever read." Hugo Chavez, deceased President of Venezuela

"…prose that reads like an instruction manual for Chinese audio equipment, which as it turns out is what the author has spent the last ten years editing." The Wall Street Journal

"Smith is that childhood friend who always wanted to show you what's in their pocket, and it was usually a dead mouse or dried dog poo." Harvard Law Review

"…thought-provoking and tender, yet profoundly annoying. A must read." Popular Mechanics

"A marvelous journey, reported on a grand scale and with epic courage…Mr. Smith is not afraid to ask stupid questions." Denise Pope-Sinclair, Oprah Winfrey impersonator

"The writer's dim, dreary stage is populated by a cast of grim characters who exhibit little appeal and non-existent development. A wholly unsatisfying first work...highly recommended." A famous author

"At least the stories are short." Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

"Crisp, articulate, honest, insightful, well-crafted—yet revealing a wide range of emotion. A brilliant achievement!" Michael Grant Smith

"…possibly the greatest manifesto since that communist one...should play well on the big screen." Some guy

"Well, that's five minutes and two hundred dollars I'll never see again." George W. Bush, former President of the United States of America

"…probably won't cause seizures, but why risk it?" Stereo Review

"It made me laugh—the very idea I would waste my time by reading the incoherent ramblings of an unknown hack." Rupert Murdoch, important publisher and media tycoon